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A simple but powerful proxy setting manager for Internet Explorer. A tool to allow the quick change between different proxy settings. Allows storage and easy retrieval of several different proxy setting configurations for IE.

Basic Project Information

Background and Overview

The idea for this tool has come from my frustrations over not having a quick way within Internet Explorer of switching between using a proxy server and not. If your a user who works on several different networks, possibly a corporate network which has a proxy and a home network that doesn't have one, you've probably experienced similiar frustrations. There are times when you may want to use the same computer to browse while on the corporate network with the proxy enabled and other times where you won't and need to turn off the proxy. Currently to do that you have to click through several screens in IE to turn off the proxy or reconfigure it. The goal of this tool is to simplify that process and provide the ability to change between many different proxy configurations with fewer keystrokes and much less effort. It will also provide a repository of several different sets of proxy settings which will be useful for consultants who may use many different networks with or without proxies to connect to the internet. Hopefully this tool will provide a useful time saver.


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